As I drove out of my parents’ neighborhood, it finally hit me. I won’t be able to jump in my car and visit my family whenever I want. That initial stretch, so close still, was the hardest for me. Advertisements

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Cars and Betrayal

I drive in silence to listen to the structural damage in the rear wheel well. Normally my baby does okay, if the weather is warm enough, and if nights don’t get too cold. But this is Michigan. Winter lasts for one third of the year, or at least it used to. With snow on the […]

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Readings. And Distractions.

One fine September evening, as all the beautiful things I might’ve noticed, should’ve noticed, flew by me unawares, I drove to a reading. Peter Orner read four of his short stories, the last one of which I read just thirty minutes before, (“Foley’s Pond”) on’s look-inside feature. But you would think that I hadn’t […]

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Night Walks

Sometimes in the middle of the night, I’ll feel like taking a walk. If the night were silent, I would comment on that, but it’s not. Outside sounds the same whether it’s in the middle of the day or in the middle of the night. The difference is that I know people are sleeping. Or […]

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Reading East

Recently, I took a mental trip back to my high school days as I read a beloved book: East by Edith Pattou. I was a little nervous about buying the book (even though my friend bought it for me) because I had a previous experience where I bought what I thought was an amazing book […]

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Not too long ago I was working on a story in which I wanted to describe the feeling of shock or surprise, or more specifically, what I like to call a “jumpscare.” Of course, if I wanted to I could simply say, “No matter how many times her nephews jumped out at her from behind […]

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NaBloPoMo and Assassin’s Apprentice

I seem to have a pension for starting things a bit late. Fashion trends, technology upgrades and social media, blogging. When I was in school: homework/papers, stories, research. Perhaps I’m a late kind of person. Or something. And now, after coming back onto wordpress after an unreasonable absence–I have an inkling that it had something […]

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Sepsis, or Ichthyophobia

If I were a fish, I wouldn’t think about anything. I’d only register fear and hunger. Food, dangling within my reach. Quick. I’d be caught by a little girl who is fishing for the first time. Pain. Panic. She would drop me on the dock while squealing incomprehensible things, and she’d keep pushing out air […]

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